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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Colouring Competition

Thank you for all the lovely pictures that you handed in for Easter.  Always so hard to chose winners but here they are from each age category.

Winner of the first age category was from Madison, aged 3 who won some bubbles.
Next was Ellen, aged 7 receiving bonus points for the creative slugs and butterflies :-)
Winner from the older age category went to Abigail, aged 9.  Thank you too Abigail, Emily and Jess for your lovely thank you picture, we look forward to seeing you all again in August :-)
Both older winners won a wooden Cobleland Campsite egg cup with Easter chick egg warmers.

Easter Games

Easter games followed the Easter Hunt, so the kids had to keep their hard boiled eggs in order to enter the races.  There were three age heats for an egg and spoon and egg rolling race, then the raw eggs came out for an 'egg chuck' competition. Entrants were playing for either a kinder egg or chocolate bunny.
We didn't really have a hill for the egg rolling but it was traditional to use either a stick or your nose to push the egg to the finish line. One young chap, already brave for wearing shorts in this chilly weather was awarded an eggstra round of applause for managing to cross the line with his progressively peeling and slippery egg!
The egg chuck game went on longer than anticipated, they just didn't want to smash! Entrants were paired up and had to throw the raw egg to each other, moving progressively further apart. Once the egg smashed you were out! After young David demonstrated a spectacular catch from a distance smashing the egg in his hand, young Madison and Mum claimed the winning prize.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter hunt kicked off at 10am after the Easter Bunny was reminded of the clocks going forward Zzzzzz!  The little ones had to find traditionally dyed eggs in 'Chocolate Wood' with their names and magic symbols on under a tree.  They were then allowed to find all the chocolate eggs that were hidden in that tree. 
The eggs were dyed in either blueberries, blackcurrant juice or paprika. The old symols indicated joy, the five pointed star for protection and the five elements and the spiral of life indicating balance, development and evolution.  There is a great source of information on symbolism at the 'What's Your Sign' website if you are intersted to find out more, also on her Facebook page.

Easter Hare is named 'Vera Ellen'

Congratulations to proud new great-grandparents Mr & Mrs Niblock who received news of the birth of their great-grandaughter, Vera Ellen.  They named the hare after her and were picked from the hat on Easter Sunday.  Best wishes to you for your visit to Eastbourne and for your naughty motorhome getting fixed asap! 
Thank you to everyone who entered raising money for Glendrick Roost Local Animal Sanctuary, which we will continue to support this season at Cobleland Campsite.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Name the Mad March Hare

We have donated a mad March hare to help raise money for Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre. Name the hare at Cobleland Campsite's reception for a chance to take the hare home after your Easter holiday. Donations are 50p a go.  The lucky winner will be drawn from the hat on Easter Sunday.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Nix in Nature

I set up Nix in Nature in the Spring of 2013 with the help of my partner Will.  We aim to offer affordable ranger led walks to all ages and abilities, enthusing those who join us to share our passion about nature and all that it has to offer. We try to share a wide range of accessible knowledge, therefore hopefully appealing to everyone in the group so that they can later continue on their own nature journeys once they leave us.  As well as the amazing flora and fauna that can be found within the forest, we like to share our own interests from wild foods and bushcraft to magic and folklore. 

After leaving the rat race we decided to follow our dream of working and living in the countryside.  More can be read about our journey on my personal blog.
Some may already know us from working as rangers at Forest Holidays, where we met some lovely people on our walks. Here is an example of some of the comments we were lucky enough to receive;

"This summer my family stayed at your Cobleland Caravan Park in Scotland. The site was excellent for cleanliness and quiet. We booked a guided cycle tour of the forest.  I would like to say that all the staff were lovely but the Forest Rangers (Will and Nikki) where amazing.  The service they gave was brilliant.  They were so knowledgable about the area and its wildlife and fauna. They were friendly but professional and their passion for their work is rare to see.  They really made our short visit special and we will definately return to the area again and hopefully have more time to take part in other persuits that Will and Nikki supervise. They are a great asset to your organisation. Thank you for providing such an enjoyable service".   
August 2010 via Uk Campsite

We are really lucky to be able to be based at Cobleland Campsite this year as we make a start with our own business and look forward to seeing both the regulars and newcomers.

Future Plans
We are fully qualified CTC Trail Mountain Bike Leaders and hope to offer this shortly, also this and our walks further afield.  We are planning to complete our Mountian Leader Award as soon as possible and are excited about how everything might evolve.  I plan to return to my more creative side again with paint and whatever else takes my fancy, and on a completely different angle I am currently training to be a Reiki Practitioner, studying at Lendrick Lodge.

Woodland Wings

I earned my faerie wings today just in time for our first activities as Nix in Nature. These were made by a lovely faerie from Woodland Wings who sung them into being for me. Thank you ♪ <3 ♫

Friday, 1 March 2013


Snowdrops at Cobleland Campsite.  Spring is on it's way there and so is Nix in Nature....