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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Save the Bees at Cobleland

Cobleland Campsite's this year's 'save the....' is the lovely bee. After the success of the 'save the red squirrel' campaign last year, Lesley and Graham have chosen to help raise awareness of another endangered species.  Look out for fun facts around the site soon, various activities and please let us know if you see one on site as we will add it to our bee count.  I painted a huge bee on the window today, so look out for him the next time you come :-) Buzzzzzzzzzzzz x

Want to know why bees have smelly feet?  Of course you do so check out the Bee Conservation factsheet and find out how you can help them (not their smelly feet)!!

Another Tent!

OK, so we loved the bell tent so much.... we kept it for ourselves and bought another one for the ranger activities!  We are just settling in to our tent but those who have seen it say that it's like the one in Harry Potter, or Doctor Who's tardis as it looks bigger on the inside.

Will finished putting the tent up today by the playpark and we aim to have most things ready for the May Bank holiday.  This one was used on the set of Sky TV's 'Starlings', episode 6 I think?  I haven't actually seen an episode though?  Here is an example of how the sides can roll up - looks like it's going to take off :-)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pan's Elder Pipes

Here are Heidi and Allison's most excellent pipes!  Following a walk, we talked about how pipes/flutes were made from alder to 'whistle up the wind'.  Elder can be used in a similar way, not sure about the magic behind those if you play them though!!?? Mmm, Dumbledore's wand was made from elder and there's tons of faerie folklore attached to this tree so could be very magical then, if only they could manage to play a note through them :-) To be investigated further.....

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Bats Wake Up!

At last, we actually heard (not saw) a bat on our bat detector!! Thank you to Will, Heidi, Milly and Mum's and Dad's for helping us do our first walks of the season this week.  Also to the Taggart group on Friday where we actually saw 'a' daubenton's bat :-) That's it now, more and more to be seen now, hurrah!
Also, thank you to Milly for the lovely hair moss necklace and bracelet - modelled here by 'Elephant Man'! This moss can be braided together for forest jewellery or as a natural rope or string alternative.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Nix in Nature Ranger Tent

Our new bell tent arrived in record time thanks to Soulpad - excellent quality and easy to erect with entertaining information and instructions along the way :-) Check them out for their brilliant offers at the moment!
Thank you also to Will's Auntie's, Jacqui and Les and Nan who kindly gave us most of the money as a gift when we left Portsmouth for our new adventure <3 xxx Miss you xxxx

We went for five metre width which will be perfect for siting on the cement square by the playpark at Cobleland Campsite for future nature activities.  The sides can be raised too for the rare occasion when the site floods!!

We will be using the tent ourselves for a shortwhile though until we find larger accomodation than our transit conversion, hopefully an old caravan that we can convert and be comfy in.