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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Magick Wands & Spells

As promised, here is a copy of how to make spells for those that make magick wands with us. There are two versions depending on your age and experience :-). Feel free to ask any questions by leaving a comment or contacting us via our Facebook page or email nix@nixinnature.co.uk - Nikki Skittlethorpe.

For older and more experienced magick makers

For the younger ones

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter at Tigh Mor

Great fun at Tigh Mor decorating eggs, then getting out to enjoy the glorious weather.  Starting with egg rolling (and body rolling for some), which finished really quick with only one egg casualty!  This was a bit more tricky as the rules state you have to roll the eggs with your nose :-).

Next up were the egg and spoon races, separated by ages with everyone winning an egg - it's the taking part that counts eh Dad's!

Next the hunt itself.  Everyone had to find hidden clues around the site grounds, collect a magic symbol to later crack the code for the password to the chocolate egg - great fun! Interestingly the hardest clue seemed to be "Now it's time to meet the Queen"?

First back with all the clues was Miryam and her friend in about 18 minutes!
Next it was off upstairs to the family room again for face painting :-)


Happy Easter Cobleland Campsite

Wonderful weather here in the Trossachs!  Perfect for our Easter Activities which kicked off on Saturday with wand making - look at these magnificent magickal tools!  Mostly Hazel wands chose their new owners, followed by a few Silver Birch and one Holly for Mum Joyce :-).

16 wands sparkling with magick



Easter Sunday was of course the egg and spoon races, then the hunt itself - a bit more tricky this year in that the kids had to follow a number of clues around the site before cracking the code (not the egg) to find the password for the chocolate egg.

Go Mum's!
The Dad's race was a thundering one, the 'nearly' winner dropping his egg at the last minute and drop kicking it over the line - bad luck old chum!

First back cracking the code was Orla and Natasha in just 14 minutes! It didn't take long for the other 31 egg hunters to get back :-).

Next it was off to The Lodge in Aberfoyle for more wands and face painting!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bushcraft at Tigh Mor

Great to see all the lovely free foods starting to come out at Tigh Mor.  Just as things were starting to get chilly, out came the space blankets to see what these lovely families could come up with. Good effort we say, especially on their scavenger techniques!

Slight rip for Thomas and his Dad, but duck tap to the rescue!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Magick Wands at Tigh Mor

Fifteen lovely new magick makers joined us today at Tigh Mor for magick wands. :-)

Mostly wands from either hazel or ash chose their new owners, with a couple of oaks and one silver birch finding new homes too.  This must mean lots of creativity, wisdom, strength and one new beginning then! 

Here's a selection of most of them (the youngest new magick makers couldn't wait any longer to be let loose with their new magick making tool).  I wore my new witches cape, but with all that magickal energy in the room it was too hot and I had to take it off!