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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wacky Forth Races

Overall Winner - Emma's Princess Boat
Unfortunately the river was far too wacky to risk losing the rafts to Edinburgh so we did a floating test and had design competitions, here they are...

Most Creative Raft - Lauren's RAFT (not so creative name though:-)
Best Floater (well it was) - Mia's Fluffy
Best Speed - Mia's The Kipper, this one did want to go to Edinburgh!
Strongest Design - James's 4ltr Devestator who also had the eggxcellent idea of having eggs as sailors to see who survives!
Best Design & Engineering - Ewan's Green Cap
 Safest Passenger - Evan's Epic Evan, although this quickly changed to 'Passenger that had the Best Adrenaline Rush Sailing - he fell off!

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